WRC Event Co-Sponsorship Application

Contact & Event Information

  • Thank you for your interest in having an event co-sponsored by the WRC. Please fill out this proposal and we will contact you for further discussion.
  • Please be patient, it can take up to a month to receive approval for co-sponsored events.
  • Please be advised that our department's event schedule is planned approximately six months in advance. For example, requesting to co-sponsor an event two months away may not be possible because we have limited resources and our events for that quarter will already planned. 
  • Any application submitted with less than six weeks between form submission and the proposed event date will not be approved. 
  • Since our department is funded by students fees our focus is on events whose audience is primarily PSU students and on events that would be educational and beneficial to our students.
Name of Organization Proposing Event
Email Address

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Phone Number

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Start Date / Time of proposed event
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Additional Dates

If you need additional dates for your event please place that information here.
Name of Event
Type of Event
Expected Attendance
Event Description

Please provide a description of your event. Example: "Join the WRC for a film showing of The Invisible War. This film highlights the difficulties women face reporting sexual assault during their service, the issues of reporting to superiors, and how the Department of Defense is addressing these issues. The film will be followed by a short discussion facilitated by Erin Davis."
What type of involvement would you like the WRC to have with your event?
Is the event initiated, organized, co-sponsored, or overseen by a PSU associated group or department?
Are you charging admission, a registration fee, collecting donations, or selling any items?
If Yes, please select all that apply.
Will the event be open to the public?
Will you advertise off campus?
Will you be serving food?
Are you requesting permission to serve alcohol?
Relate to WRC Mission and yearly theme

The mission of the WRC is: The Women's Resource Center seeks to empower women and to encourage their active and equal participation in all levels of the university community and the larger society. We encourage the participation of ALL people in the community as we strive to provide a safe and supportive environment for self-identified women. The WRC is also committed to the following values: social justice, community, safety, leadership and mentoring, diversity, and research. The WRC 2018-2019 Theme: "Antidotes to Disposability" as we work to combat our society's view of people, relationships, the environment, etc. as able to be used and thrown away. Please write a brief statement that defines how your event is keeping in line with the mission and values of the WRC and relative to this year's theme of Antidotes to Disposability.
Is there any other information that the WRC should have regarding your event?