Food Waiver


In accordance with Portland State University's (PSU) Food Service Agreement, PSU Eats is granted the exclusive right to operate and provide daily and catered food services to the following PSU premises: Smith Memorial Student Union, Ondine, Meetro, the Viking Pavilion, and the University Place Hotel. Any events within these premises seeking an exception to PSU Eats exclusivity rights must complete this food waiver at least 15 business days prior to their event. Events occurring outside of these premises must comply with the requirements of the venue in question.

Food waivers will be considered for approval if they meet any of the following criteria:

  1. The food or beverage that is being provided is a 100% in-kind donation from the caterer, restaurant, and/or purveyor. Applicant is required to provide documentation from the donor prior to the event. - or- 
  2. Food is relevant to the cultural and/or religious nature of the event and authentically represents the ethnic/religious food traditions of the organization/s, (e.g., the Thai Student Organization, serving Thai food at the Thai New Year event). -or- 
  3. PSU Eats is not able to meet the food preparation requirements.

In order to be considered for approval your request must meet the following criteria:

  1. The request is submitted a minimum of 15 business days prior to the event date.  
  2. You are able to provide documentation as per requested in this form of the food provider's  insurance and catering license.

The only events not required to either use PSU Eats in the defined premises or complete the food waiver process are defined as follows:

Small potlucks: Private meetings that are exclusive to the organization booked in small conference rooms (as defined by Conference & Event Services venue procedures, 20 people or less) where the attendees bring food to share with the other meeting attendees.

Brown-bag meetings: Meetings where attendees bring food exclusively for their own use.

Bake Sales: Sales of baked goods for fundraising purposes. All bake sales are limited to baked goods and must prominently display a sign with the following message: "Food served at this location may not have been inspected by Multnomah County Environmental Health."

All other events not using PSU Eats for their food service in one of the defined premises must complete the food waiver form and receive an approved waiver. Student Groups must meet with their adviser before beginning this process.