Rec Clubs Code of Conduct/Liability Waiver (21-22 School Year)

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This is the Rec Clubs Code Of Conduct/Liability Waiver. 

Each member of a Rec Club is required to fill out a Code of Conduct/Liability Waiver via OrgSync that is valid from July 1st, 2021 thru June 30th, 2022.

Please be sure to E-Mail the Rec Club(s) you are interested in joining via our CLUB CONTACT LIST that is found on our website.

This registration must be completed before actual participation begins with the club. Before filling out the form, please understand the following:

1. ) In order to be a part of a club, YOU must be an active student at Portland State University taking at least 1 credit and be paying student fees. If you are unsure of your status as a student, please contact the PSU Registrations Office.

2.) Clubs are not allowed to have community members be club members unless granted special approval from the Rec Clubs Coordinator.  Many clubs have opportunities for community participation during special events.  These special events must be planned a minimum of a month in advance and have Rec Club Coordinator approval.  Special events are defined as any activity outside of the clubs normal practice and league game or event schedule. 

3.) Please note that certain clubs may have limits on participation and/or membership due to competitive team size, national governing body rules, resource restrictions, etc.

Once you begin this form, you must finish it and hit submit in order for it to be approved. Any submitted form that is incomplete will be considered VOID.

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(You must be an active student taking at least 1 credit and paying student fees in order to participate with the club.)

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